Mastering Dog Treats: BeOneBreed's Ultimate Guide

How to choose the ideal treats for your dog?

Every tail wag is a moment of pure joy brought to your life by your furry companion. Get ready for an adventure in selecting treats that make their tails wag with delight! This guide unlocks the secrets to choosing dog treats that strike the pawfect balance between happiness and health.

Choosing the right dog treat is a responsibility we hold as pet owners. Treats go beyond indulgence; they play a vital role in our dogs' overall well-being. By selecting dog treats tailored to their specific needs and preferences, we can ensure their happiness, support their dental health, facilitate training sessions, and help them maintain a healthy weight. The right treat strengthens the bond between us and our pups, reinforcing positive behavior and enhancing the joyful moments we share.


 The Role of Treats for your Dog:

The role of treats for dogs : behaviour, relationship and health |

Behaviour and Relationship

Dog treats are instrumental in training, reinforcement, and behavior management. They enhance the bond between dogs and their owners, fostering trust and cooperation. Treats motivate dogs during training, encourage desired behaviors, and promote interactive engagement.


Dog treats offer more than just a tasty reward. Chewing on treats helps maintain dental health by reducing plaque and tartar. Doggie treats also provide mental stimulation, alleviate boredom, and can supplement dietary needs. By selecting high-quality treats, pet owners can support their dog's overall well-being.


Factors to Consider When Selecting Dog Treats

Factors to consider about dog treats: nutrition, caloric intake, texture, size, allergies, preferences |

When choosing treats for your dog, several factors should be kept in mind to ensure their well-being and enjoyment.

  • Nutrition: Assess the nutritional value of treats. Choose high-quality ingredients without artificial additives for your dog's overall health and vitality.
  • Caloric Intake: Respect your dog's caloric intake. Select treats that align with their dietary plan and avoid adding excessive calories.
  • Texture and Size: Consider your dog's size and chewing capabilities. Choose appropriately sized treats with textures that suit their preferences and dental health needs.
  • Allergies: Be mindful of your pet’s allergies or sensitivities. Read the list of ingredients before feeding a new treat to your furry friend. 
  • Preferences: Take note of your dog's preferences. Observe which treats they enjoy the most—crunchy, chewy, or certain flavors—enhancing their enjoyment and making bonding moments more effective.


    Different Types of Dog Treats and Their Benefits

    Irresistible Dog Treats for Dental Health and Better Breath

    Types of dog treats and benefits: dental health, fresh breath, chewing experience |

    Discover a range of irresistible dog treats designed to promote dental health and fresh breath. Wow Doggo treats, available in multiple sizes, are a fantastic choice for dogs who love to chew and gnaw on bones. While they are not recommended for senior dogs with fewer teeth, these doggie treats provide a satisfying chewing experience and are suitable for dogs of all sizes. Promoting healthy teeth and gums, these dental sticks help remove plaque, reduce tartar buildup, and freshen your dog's breath

    With their delectable flavors and the option to fill the treat tube with peanut butter, Wow Doggo treats are sure to delight even the pickiest eaters. For the most discerning dogs, Wow Doggo Surprise treats are packed with mouthwatering pieces of tender treats and have a delectable peanut butter flavor.


    High-Protein Eco-Friendly Dog Treats Ideal for Digestive Support

    High-Protein Eco-Friendly Doggie Treats Ideal for Digestive Support |

    Vetgies treats are a fantastic option that caters to dogs with sensitive stomachs. Made with pumpkin and infused with probiotics, the Vetgies recipe aids in digestion and promotes gastrointestinal health. In addition to their digestive benefits, Vetgies treats have a softer texture compared to Wow Doggo treats, allowing dogs to consume them a bit more quickly while still providing a satisfying chewing experience.

    Please note that Vetgies tubes are available in medium and large sizes, and may not be suitable for very small dogs weighing less than 15 pounds. Be sure to choose the appropriate size for your dog to ensure their enjoyment and safety.

    Vetgies treats are a natural and eco-friendly choice, excellent for environmentally conscious pet owners. Crafted with a commitment to 'green living,' these dog treats are made without the use of rawhide. By opting for Vetgies treats, you can provide your dog with a natural alternative that aligns with eco-friendly values.


    Additional Dog Treat Options include:

    Dry biscuits: 

    Dry biscuits have a versatile usage. They can be given as rewards during training sessions or as a simple snack to show appreciation to your dog.

    Cold-dried proteins: 

    These dog treats are made of a single ingredient and can be offered as a high-protein snack for active dogs during training or to meet dietary needs.

    Tender bites: 

    Tender bites are soft and chewy dog treats that are ideal for training purposes. Their soft texture makes them easy to consume quickly, allowing for immediate reinforcement during training sessions.


    Guide to Treat Portions: Quantity and Frequency

    It's crucial to consider both the quantity and timing of treats for your dog. Limit treats to no more than 10% of their daily caloric intake, complementing their regular meals. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate number of treats based on factors such as size, age, activity level, and overall nutrition. Treats are most effective when used as rewards during training sessions, promptly offered after desired actions to reinforce positive behavior. Practice moderation to maintain a balanced diet and prevent weight gain while strengthening the bond with your dog.



    Why buy from a Canadian-made company?

    Reasons to buy dog treats made in Canada |

    Looking for a dog treats online can be overwhelming, as it's challenging to know what you're getting without trying it out. That's why choosing locally designed pet products holds value. At BeOneBreed, we're proud to offer products crafted by professional designers who are passionate pet owners themselves.

    BeOneBreed specializes in creating pet products that prioritize comfort, well-being, flavor, and fun. We sets us apart is the exceptional quality of the products we develop, and the great attention we pay to every detail. We provide a 30-day warranty on many products and offer a secure and convenient online purchasing experience.

    As a proudly Canadian company, we're dedicated to pets—and yours too! Explore our range of BeOneBreed pet treats and other products for dogs and cats on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.


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