• Fun and functional

    • Eco-friendly

    • Made in Canada

  • Can be filled with a wide variety of treats and kibble
  • Large filling capacity while reducing suction risks, thanks to its generous openings and smooth cavity.
  • Thoughtfully designed shape: encourages the dog to focus on the content of the toy rather than chewing its exterior.
  • Made of a unique material in the industry: Cycle.mattr
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Also available at Mondou


The Cycle.mattr is the material that the Stuff is made of. It’s a durable, recyclable, reusable, and radiopaque food-grade material. It is the green alternative to rubber, which has certain environmental challenges. The Cycle.mattr was created by experts who wanted to offer the best for our pets while respecting the planet. This material was developed over several years to fill a gap in the pet accessory industry.

Made in Canada

From development to production, including design and packaging, the OBEE! collection is made in Canada. Several product tests have even been conducted by our Canadian canine companions!


The OBEE! collection is entirely recyclable and reusable thanks to its unique material. Even the product packaging is recyclable and FSC certified.

*FSC certification ensures sustainable sourcing from the forest to the consumer.


Numerous tests have been conducted to demonstrate the durability of Stuff. A setup consisting of mock stainless steel jaws, each equipped with 20 sharp "teeth," was used to perform them. The tests showed that the toy has resistance to puncturing after 1.1M simulated chewing cycles, using 450 to 640 lbs of force. Additionally, we have established that Stuff has a tear resistance up to a pressure of 3700 PSI.

Easy to clean

Thanks to its generous openings and smooth cavity, the Stuff is easy to take care of. It is dishwasher safe, allowing a thorough cleaning.

Tips and tricks

🦴 Fill it: with a wide variety of treats such as Dr.Osbone et Ginger Osbone! Click here for more treat ideas!

🥕 Spoil them differently: by using your dog's favorite foods such as cheese or pieces of fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots. Base your choice on healthy and non-toxic foods for dogs.

❄️ Freeze it: fill it with peanut butter and kibble and place it in the freezer to make the fun last. This way, it can be used as a food dispenser for your dog's meals and help prevent bloating and indigestion.

🏀 Throw it: randomly bounce to stimulate hunting instinct. Great for playing fetch!

Stuff's mission :

  • A1-Fit : Encourage physical activity through play and helps slow down food ingestion, thereby contributing to reducing the amount of food ingested and helping with weight management.
  • Challenger  : Help reduce bad behaviors while counteracting boredom through mental stimulation.
  • Opération GB: Operation GB: Reduce anxiety. Fill it up and give it before leaving the house, which will distract and calm your dog’s separation anxiety.
  • Ultimus II : Reward at the end of a training session, after grooming, nail trimming, etc.
  • Operation "Save the Furniture!": Redirect destructive chewing behavior from your belongings while preserving strong jaws and satisfying the dog's natural instincts.
  • S&S : Provide a safe toy due to its robustness and reduce the risk of suction that can lead to serious problems.
  • Eco-101 : Contribute to sustainable development, thanks to its recyclable, reusable composition, and made in Canada.

Compatible treats

The Stuff is compatible with a wide variety of treats but some sticks are a better fit depending on the size of the toy you choose. Here's our top list:



You can also spread peanut butter and/or add cookies is the Stuff to treat your dog!