• • Made of human-grade memory foam

    • Orthopedic bed: Provides better support for hips, joints, and prevents back pain and soreness

    • Suitable for growing puppies, elderly pets, and everything in between!

    • Protective lining and stylish spare covers available to extend the cushion's lifespan and refresh its appearance

    • Also available at

Our memory foam beds are designed to last over time. You can rely on them to provide years of comfort for your pet! Additional stylish covers are also available for most of our beds, to refresh your decor and extend the foam lifespan.


Orthopedic support

Evenly distributes pet's weight to relieve pressure on hips and joints

Tips & tricks

Fluffier feel

• After unpacking your cushion, shake the stuffing and separate the memory foam chunks with your fingers.

• If the cushion does not puff up within 48 hours, apply steam using an iron and a damp cloth or a garment steamer, as heat and moisture activate the memory foam.


Most of our beds come with removable covers so you can simply toss them in the washing machine! However, it's preferable to wash the stuffing by hand.

  • Use a front-loading washer to clean the bed to avoid damaging it (for size L or XL beds, the use of an industrial washing machine is recommended).
  • Favor the delicate cycle and cold water wash.
  • Unless otherwise stated, beds without a removable cover can be put in the washing machine.
  • It's best to air dry your cushion, but most covers can be tumble dried without any issue!

*Always check the care label before washing*

Spare covers

Every season has its design: Change your decor
affordably with our replacement covers. You can find them Here!