Vacations are a time of relaxation and fun for all the family. I think that your dog can easily be your best travel companion if you take the following precautions into consideration.

Before leaving

– Plan a visit to your vet to update, if necessary, the vaccination of your pet. If you cross the US border you will need a proof of an up-to-date vaccination against rabies and proof of good health signed by your vet. It is also recommended to give your dog preventive treatment against external and internal parasites during the summer.

– Just like you, your dog needs a suitcase or a travel bag. Bring everything that your dog might need for his wellbeing, care and fun.

– Make sure you have a sturdy collar with an updated identification tag. At the same time, take the opportunity to install a microchip at the vet.

– Bring a sufficient amount of food and make sure it is easily accessible at your destination.

During the travel

– If you travelling by car, take breaks to let your dog poop, eat, drink and stretch his legs.

– A reminder: never let your dog unattended in your vehicle to avoid heat strokes, which are dangerous and potentially fatal for your pet.

– Attaching your dog in a car is a provincial law for the safety of your dog and yourself. You can find a harness, a fence or a cage suitable for transport in stores or at your veterinarian.

– If your dog is anxious during travel, do not hesitate to ask your vet for medication against anxiety. Dogs can also have motion sickness and your veterinarian can offer you an effective treatment.

During your vacation

– Provide your activities in advance to avoid having to leave your dog behind.

– Plan a day care or pension if you cannot bring your dog with you everywhere so your dog will be safe and will have fun too.

– Several national parks, reserves and centers allow dogs on leashes. Inquire at the site of

– Many hotels, campings and green spaces allow you to bring your pet. Make sure however that your dog is sociable and it will not be a nuisance.


Finally, vacations can also be in the comfort of your home. Why not take the opportunity to make the lives of your dog more rewarding?

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