Summer brings a lot of fun and outings, but this season can also be dangerous for your pet. Here are my tips to spend a summer without gray clouds with your dog.

Health and security

  1. An updated health book

During summer your dog is more in contact with other animals and is usually outside. It is essential to ensure its health book is up to date and it will be protected against pests throughout the season.

  1. Identify your dog

During the moving period, it is essential to ensure that the identification tags around your dog’s neck is up to date. You can go to a pet store to engrave identification tags, call your veterinarian for rabies tag update and renew the city one. Also, consider microchiping your dog if it is not already done.

  1. Car Safety

It is never said enough that it is dangerous and deadly to let your dog alone in the car for even a few minutes, even if the window is open. Your dog perspires through the mouth and pads. When your dog is panting to try to refresh itself, that will effectively increase the temperature and your car becomes a real oven.

Educate and be responsible

  1. A good reminder

Training your dog to come to you quickly and easily is essential for its security. Motivate your dog to come to you and when it does, say the command “come” and reward it with his favorite treat. Never punish a dog when it  comes back to you because the next time your dog will prefer to stay away.

  1. The socialization period

Summer is the best time of the year to go anywhere with your puppy because everyone is outside. If you have a puppy between two and four months, enjoy events, outdoor shops and fine weather to go out to meet people and other animals.

  1. Keep your dog on a leash

Like any good responsible guardian, it is your duty to keep your dog on a leash in public to protect itself and others. Even if your dog is sociable, remember that some people are afraid of dogs or even other dogs on leash may feel threatened.

Games and activities for the hot season

  1. Create a canine swimming pool in your yard

Nothing better than floating toys and swimming pool to help your dog to be comfortable in water. This transition is the ideal, if you want your dog acclimate easily with your own pool later or simply to refresh with a hose your dog if you do not have a pool.

  1. A “popsicle” for your dog

Use a plastic cup and insert fruits, vegetables cut into pieces and your dog’s favorite treats. Add water that will soon be flavored with the juice from the fruits. Freeze and remove the glass to provide a “popsicle” surprise for your dog.

  1. Create a refreshing cushion

When your dog looks for freshness, my summer tip is to put the cover of your memory foam bed in a plastic bag and refrigerate it. Then simply put the cover on the cushion and i twill provide a refreshing spot for your dog. The memory foam bed and “mix & match” covers are perfect because the cover is thin and does not require a long time in the fridge to be fresh.

Have a good summer season!

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