Spring and summer are great periods to potty train a puppy. This step is crucial to get off the right paw with your puppy that can also provoke a lot of headaches. Here are 6 simple steps to successfully potty train your puppy!

  1. Choose a location!

Choose a corner or a portion of your backyard to allow your puppy to know his landmarks. Choose a room or a specific location in the house or your condo to prevent your puppy from choosing the entire home in order to relieve himself.

For the outdoors, your puppy could go anywhere without it being problematic. On the other hand, for potty training inside, I recommend a room like a bathroom or laundry room or even the balcony if you are in a condo. Your puppy should have a visual fence. That’s why I encourage a room instead of an open space.

  1. Maintaining a logbook

Your logbook should be very simple, you should write down what your puppy did, the time, the place and what he was doing just before. A puppy urinates an average of 7 to 12 times a day and can make 2 to 5 stools. It is important to be able to recognize the times of the day when your puppy needs to relieve himself.

The logbook will allow you to better recognize the times when you need to be attentive and proactive with your puppy. You can better remember the schedule and routine of your puppy.

  1. Environmental monitoring and management

It is difficult for your puppy to hold back or prevent possible accidents. It is your responsibility to monitor your puppy at all times. You can tie up his leash to you while you prepare supper or put it in his kennel or fences to avoid accidents.

Do not hesitate to close nonessential doors to your puppy. Fences for toddlers are also great ways to restrict your puppy in a safe way.

  1. Accompany your puppy

You should be next to him when it’s time to relieve himself. No need to stay 30 minutes or more outside. Escort him for less than 3 minutes and then you go back inside and keep watching him if he has not done anything.

Do not hesitate to put your puppy on a leash to manage his space and to help him concentrate. You must also accompany him to encourage his successes.

  1. Reward your puppy

Contrary to what we believe, it is not necessary to give a treat to your puppy when he successfully does his business outside. I simply recommend you to literally explode of joy by talking to him and petting him. So, your puppy will be so valued for his good action that he will have the reflex to start again in the same way.

Punishment must absolutely be avoided. Do not force your dog to smell his poop and don’t reprimand him physically. The punishment does not have the effect of teaching a puppy a good behavior. As potty train is not a natural behavior for your puppy, you have to accompany him in this learning.

  1. Communicate with your puppy

Potty training is like teaching a puppy to sit down. You have to choose a word so your puppy can associate the action of relieve himself. For example “toilet”, so every time your puppy does it, you repeat the word “toilet”. This will allow you to better communicate with your puppy. Once inside, if you see him turn in circles or smell the floor, you just have to tell him “toilet” and he will have the reflex to move to the intended place.

Finally, by adhering to the 6 steps your puppy should find his landmarks in just a few weeks. Puppy education courses are also a good way to get your puppy trained with the help of a canine educator to make sure your new companion is developing normally.

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