The holiday season reminds us how good it feels to be with family. This period is also a revival for all and sadly pets will once again find themselves under the Christmas tree and in a shelter cage shortly after. Here are my tips to encourage you to talk openly to your relatives and make the right decisions for your family.

A hasty decision !

Adopting a new member must be well thought out. Have you been thinking about adopting for a long time or a few weeks? Have you taken the time to contact a canine educator and a vet to know the related costs? Do you have at least 3 hours every day to devote to him for the next 10 years?

It is important to be rational and ask yourself if your environment, lifestyle and experience confirms that the arrival of a new companion is justified.

The real cost of a pet

A pet like: dog, cat and rabbit can live easily 10 years and can cost up to $ 20,000 at the end of these ten years. The abandonment of a pet after the holidays is frequent because of the family’s unplanned expenses and, as you know, people usually have less spending money after the holidays.

Pressure from the family

The best advice I can give you is never adopting an animal because your children ask for it. I guarantee that you who will take care of him for at least the next ten years. So adoption must always be in perfect harmony with the family. Everyone must be “OK” and get involved before integrating the animal.

Advertising … too easy

The holiday season brings a lot of expenses and compulsive purchases. Buying an animal is far too simple and impulsive. Just one click on the internet or a visit in a store and you get an animal.

The Christmas period encourages people to buy material goods. On the other hand, animals are not electronic toys, but living beings with needs and emotions.

Healthy education for your children

You are an example for your children and the abandonment of animals, too popular in Quebec, sends a message to the next generation that it is acceptable to integrate an animal and then abandon him when you don’t want him anymore. There are many ways to educate your children at the same time as you while understanding animals better.

Giving rather than taking …

In this time of generosity, give your money to organizations that really need it. You can babysit a pet from a shelter and then consider if a full-time animal is a good idea. That may allow an animal to find a family for life.

In conclusion, more than 500,000 animals are abandoned every year in Quebec. When the holiday season ends the shelters receive a shameful amount of pets. Everyone has to act and think about the wellbeing of animals, who do it so well in return.


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