Does your dog love to play? Are you missing game ideas? Here are some game suggestions for the summer to allow you to spend as much time outside as possible with your best friend.

Why playing is important for your dog

Playing is an essential activity for dogs in order to meet their needs and to stimulate them. What I like about playing is that it’s an activity that can be done with dogs. So, the opportunity is ideal to maintain your relationship with your companion.

Also, it is important to add an intellectual portion when we play with our dog to encourage good behavior and even if your dog is excited.

The traditional “Go fetch”

When playing “go fetch”, every toy is appropriate. The important thing is to find the toy that your dog adores, a plush toy, a ball, a Frisbee. Also, the texture, the shape, the color and the noise of a toy will have an impact on the willingness of your dog to bring it back to you.

Learn good manners to your dog, before you throw the toy ask him to sit down and you will quickly see that sitting behavior will soon become a reflex.

Hop in the water!

Whether it’s an above ground pool, inground pool, a plastic kiddie pool or even your watering hose. If your dog loves swimming and the water, he will be so happy. Do not forget the floating toys!

If you do not have a swimming pool, but your dog loves water, we have more and more dog pools in Quebec, for example at the “Complexe Animalier Accès Vet Blainville”, allowing you to enjoy it all year long.

At the same time, encourage your dog to come back to you when asked. Do not forget that swimming is much more exhausting than a walk. Take your dog out of the water after 15-30 minutes or make sure he can touch the bottom or come out regularly to avoid drowning.

Digging to china!

Does your dog love digging? Why not offer him his own garden with some plastic toys hidden in the ground. Digging is a necessary behavior for several dogs and being able to redirect him to an area or bin for it will save you from losing your own garden.

You will have the opportunity to teach your dog the “dig” demand, very useful to help you in your own gardening or your weed war.

 Searching for toys

Hide toys in the yard and encourage your dog to find them, so you can reward him with his favorite treats when he finds them. You can also throw his meal in the grass and encourage him to seek it.

You can take advantage of the situation and work the demand “stay” while you hide his toys and kibble.

 Sucking rope

Contrary to what people believe, the tug-of-war game is very fun and positive for most dogs. I recommend you choose a long and stretchy toy. To avoid hurting your pet’s neck, your movements with the rope should be horizontal.

If your dog is the hunter type you can hold the toy to a stick or rope and encourage him to chase it and pull with you.

Encourage your dog to easily let go of the rope just by stopping to play, but still holding the rope. As soon as your dog decides to let go of the toy by boredom, say “loose” with a cheerful tone and start the game again.

In conclusion, do not forget to remain careful during the summer. When the temperature is high, it is recommended to stay outside for a shorter time and go out early in the morning or later in the evening. Also, prioritize the grass to play with your dog to protect his pads from the heat. Remember that your dog will never have enough water at this time of the year.

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