Valentine’s Day celebrates love and it can also challenge us on our relationships. Some survive and some don’t. On the other hand, the relationship with your dog is definitely for life! Here are some tips to understand your companion.

How to read the body language of your dog?

Unfortunately our dog can’t talk to us, so we must interpret his movements and facial expressions to understand. The biggest mistake is to only interpret one element for understanding if the dog is happy or not.

So often I hear “My dog is happy because he’s moving is tail”. The movement of the tail only means that the animal is excited. We must be very careful. If a dog is behind a fence and barks, his ears are straight, but his tail moves, do you think he is happy?

In fact, it is really important to consider all parts of the body to understand a dog’s state of mind.

The calming signals are also frequently used, but too often ignored. When your dog is at the vet or at the groomer and he constantly yawn, you probably think that he is tired, but no!  The dog uses signals like yawn, licking his lips, look away, stretches excessively, blink slowly, and many other. All this to soothe and signifies that he is not comfortable in the situation.

The dog emotions are real as ours

That’s why it is really important to recognize the calming signals and ensure that your pet is happy most of the time. Indeed, your dog may feel sadness, joy, fear, anger and pride … to name just a few.

On the other hand, jealousy and revenge are strictly related to humans. Often we anthropomorphism with our dog and we interpret their behavior as if we were in his place.

How to make the difference between yes or no?

We love flattering our dogs and even the new puppy that we meet. But, do you think your dog wants to be flatted all the time? Here are some tips to learn to ask permission when you want to relax with your dog.

  1. Put yourself in the height of your dog or encourage him to come join you on the couch or the bed
  2. Allow your dog come to you, rather than to approach him.
  3. Start with one hand, flatter him at is favorite place.
  4. Remove your hand and place it in front of his mouth.
  5. If he approach his head or nose to your hand, he said yes!
  6. If, however, he does not react, the answer is no!

It is really important to respect your dog social needs and always ask the permission before you flatter him. With those simple tips your dog will become more affectionate.

Quick reminder “health”

Valentine’s day is generally synonymous of chocolate and flowers. However, remember that cocoa contains “theobromine”. The toxic effect of theobromine depends on the weight of the animal, the amount absorbed and the type of chocolate. For flowers avoid tulips, lilies and lily of the valley and many others.

How to please your dog for Valentine’s Day?

Offer him healthy food like fruits in the BeOneBreed slow feeder. That is a great way to please your dog and have fun!

Happy Valentine’s day !

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