How to Properly Wash a Dog Bed

How to Properly Wash a Dog Bed

So you’ve bought your beloved pooch a new dog bed, but then he comes in from a walk and tracks his muddy paws all over it. What do you do? You adore your pet and don’t want to curb his playful spirit, however, you also want to keep your new (er, his new) dog bed in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

When shopping for a comfy bed for your dog, you want to purchase a bed that is made of washable material or that has a cover you can remove and throw in the washing machine. BeOneBreed prides itself on designing practical and stylish products that wear well and fit your contemporary or classic décor. As pet owners ourselves, we get that you want your dog products to look good and last a while. 

It’s natural for dogs to dirty their beds with sandy or muddy paws. Or maybe they’re chewing on an old bone and get the bed dirty that way. Older dogs may sometimes have accidents if they’re ill and their organs aren’t functioning properly. Freshening up the dog beds of puppies and/or senior pets is a nice way of showing your dog you care and also making sure the smells (that aren’t your most favourite thing about your dog), are kept to a minimum.


How to wash a dog bed in the washing machine

It’s perfectly fine to wash a dog bed in the washing machine as long as you read the instructions beforehand. It’s best to use a front load washing machine when washing a dog bed. These types of machines are like the kind in laundry mats that have no agitator or spindle in the middle. That way the dog bed cover has lots of room to slosh around in the soap and water so that it gets clean and doesn’t get stuck.

The majority of our dog beds have removable slipcovers so that you can toss them in a machine to extend the bed’s lifespan and refresh your home at the same time. Always use cold water and gentle cycle wash, and best not to use a softener, bleach or dry clean. Make sure to check the label for details.


How to dry a dog bed in the dryer (or elsewhere)

Heat is not a dog bed’s best friend, so when you put the cover in the dryer make sure to select tumble dry without heat or let air dry. Depending on the time of year, you could hang the cover of the dog bed on the clothesline or the patio to save on energy consumption and freshen the bed naturally. Make sure to always check the label for details.


Examples of washable dog beds (or covers) for Canadian pet owners


Cloud pillow dog bed

BeOneBreed has cloud pillow dog beds with 100% memory foam filling and an ultra-soft removable cover for easy cleaning. Just throw in the wash! These dog beds are perfect for growing pups, or elderly pets, as the bed reduces pressure on hips and joints. Think orthopedic quality without the high price tag. We also sell a protective liner for our cloud pillow to keep the foam clean from dirt and spills. The PVC membrane of our covers repel liquids (i.e., water resistant, not waterproof). Check out the many patterns and colours to suit all dogs–and dog owners! 



Cozy dog beds

This memory foam dog bed is roomy and calming as the soft sides create a cocooning effect. BeOneBreed cozy dog beds are made with human-grade memory foam and have a ultra-soft removable cover. The large dog beds are also of orthopedic quality and vet-approved: Great for growing pups and elderly pets alike! These spacious beds with cushioned sides are among the best dog beds for large breeds as the memory foam helps relieve pressure on hips and joints. Our cozy dog beds come in a range of colours and pair nicely with a contemporary home design. 



Nature dog bed

These memory foam dog beds are great for camping and other outdoor adventures. Our BeOneBreed nature dog beds are easy to clean and machine washable. Just roll them up, fit them in the back of your vehicle–and away you go! There’s also a handy shoulder strap for easy transport once you arrive. Don’t forget your pooch!



Diamond dog bed

Diamond dog beds redistribute the weight of your furry pal on the entire cushion to reduce pressure on the hips and joints. BeOneBreed diamond dog beds are made with human-grade memory foam and have an ultra-soft removable cover. These orthopedic beds at a great price are vet-approved and well-loved by our customers.


What questions to ask when comparing brands: 

  • Is it made of durable materials?
  • Does it include a warranty?
  • Is it vet-approved?
  • Is it orthopedic?
  • What’s the company’s return policy?
  • Are buyers raving about it online?
  • Is it Canadian-based?
  • Does it have a removable cover for easy cleaning?
  • Is it machine washable?

All our dog beds are designed in Quebec, Canada, and our patterns are BeOneBreed originals and made with human-grade materials (i.e., memory foam, micro-velvet and Oxford fabrics). Our beds and/or covers are machine washable and we sell spare stylish covers for our popular cloud pillow. Changing the cover increases the bed’s lifespan (i.e., durability) and also adds fun and freshness to your home. 

Some features of our dog beds that set us apart:

  • Memory foam dog beds
  • Removable covers (most beds have zippered covers for easy cleaning)
  • Spare covers with seasonal patterns (cloud pillow only)
  • Machine washable
  • Protective liners for cloud pillow (sold separately)

Some final tips and tricks to remember when washing (and drying) your dog bed:

  • Always check the product's care label before cleaning.
  • If your mattress doesn't have an L zipper, fold the mattress to insert it into the cover to reassemble the bed after cleaning it.
  • Use a front load washing machine (no agitator or spindle in the middle) to clean beds to avoid damage.
  • No front load machine? Use an industrial washing machine at a laundromat.


All our dog products bear the mark of our brand that stands for durable, stylish, Canadian-designed, and passion–for our pets!


Why buy from a Canadian-made company?


There are several online stores that sell dog beds, and it’s hard to know what you’re getting. Especially since you can’t reach into your computer or phone with your dog and have your pet test it out. 

We may be biased, but we believe that buying locally designed products for your pet counts for something. BeOneBreed gives you the assurance that the piece was designed by actual professional designers who are also pet owners, and passionate about providing the best quality products for pets. 

BeOneBreed is a Quebec-based company that designs pet products for optimal comfort, wellbeing and fun. When you buy from a big pet store or department store it’s hard to know who designed your dog bed and whether they actually test them on dogs to make sure they’re comfortable and will support your furry friend–big or small and young or old. As local designers and manufacturers, we do this all the time. And because we’re a cohesive and caring team, we take that extra care to get it right.

We offer our customers a 30-day warranty on all our beds (i.e., through normal wear and tear, not pet chewing), an online secure and fast purchase, and our products come in a range of designer colours and styles. A proudly Canadian company, we’re passionate about our pets–and yours, too! Take a closer look at our BeOneBreed washable dog beds (or covers) on our website. Have a question about a product of interest? Contact us for more information.

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