Your puppy has one thing in mind and it’s to play, play and play. Interacting with your puppy during playtime is a key step in his social and cognitive development. You will be able to get to know his preferences and teach him good manners. Here are my tips to play with your puppy.

Choosing the right toys

Of course, the first step is to choose the right toys. When it comes to a young puppy, variety is always a guarantee of quality. We need toys that the puppy can discover and recognize. I recommend you to choose toys with different textures, materials and opt for toys with different sounds and sensations.

Remember to choose toys that are big enough for your puppy. The toy should be larger than the mouth of your puppy. If the toy is too small, your puppy could be injured or he could accidentally hurt your hand while you are playing with him. Do not forget to regularly inspect toys and put them aside when wear becomes dangerous for your puppy.

 The right way to play with your puppy

Ideally, play often with your puppy, but in a for a short amount of time. You can make 3 to 5 sessions per day for a period of 8 to 10 minutes each time. Adapt yourself according to the energy and the age of your puppy.

Diversify his game environment. This is a good way to help them discover different rooms of the house without making bad thicks. Leave a box with toys for your puppy to enable him to sometimes brun off excess energy by himself.

Prevent puppy destruction

We often have the reflex to redirect the puppy to a toy when he bites us or is attacking a piece of furniture in the house. Did you know that you are encouraging toy destruction ?

Biting and chewing are puppy needs. This very normal step is important and necessary. Remember that there are toys to play and others to chew. Promote appropriate lamellas for puppies or edible toys he can chew.

Each toy must have a reason “to be”  and help your puppy to make the right choices depending on his mood and needs.

Games between puppy and child

If your puppy is in contact with children, it is important to teach children to interact properly. Depending on the age of the child, the recommendations may vary, here are some suggestions :

– Ask the child to come to you before playing with the puppy. The goal is to make sure that the puppy is interested in the activity. If the puppy is sleeping or eating, then you can explain to the child that the time is not well chosen.

– Choose the puppy toys that children have the right to use. Long toys are ideal because it is less likely that the puppy will touch the child’s skin.

– Teach children how to train the puppy to sit and lay down on request to help the concentration of puppy during playtime.

– Explain to children that when the game becomes less pleasant, we have to isolate ourselves 10 seconds in a room without the puppy so the dog understands that too intense game will stop the interaction.

– Encourage outside games to stimulate the puppy and make everyone breathe fresh air.

Finally, remember that playing is important all through your dog’s life and is essential for his balance.

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