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How to Get Your Dog to Sleep in Their Bed

You may have recently bought a dog bed for your beloved pet and then noticed that your dog paid little attention to it. Maybe you thought he’d jump right into it and take a nap. No such luck!

There are a few reasons why your dog might not have been impressed by your new gift to him. It could be that he’s used to sleeping on the floor and isn’t familiar with a comfy bed all to himself. Another reason may be that you bought a bed that’s too small for your dog or that lacks the comfort factor your dog seeks. 


Baxter’s Blog says in its article My Dog Hates His New Bed – HELP! that because dogs are extra-sensitive to smell, your dog may not like the unfamiliar smells of the new bed. The article recommends adding one of your dog’s favourite toys or a tasty treat to welcome the dog. Putting the bed in a well-loved spot in the house is another way to signal to the dog that this is her territory. 


You want your dog’s bed to be a place where she can go to relax and feel at home. Should you leave the dog alone for a little while, you want to make sure that the dog bed will keep your furry friend calm and comfortable until you return. 

dog lying on cloud pillowAnother reason your dog may not be leaping for joy at the sight of his new bed is that the new bed could be rough. Or maybe it doesn’t have adequate padding and so your dog has decided your living room carpet (or your bed) is a better option. If your dog suffers from arthritis or is prone to hip dysplasia, having a bed that supports your dog’s frame is vital. This also goes for puppies who may think that your bed is more comfortable than his. 

Training a young dog to sleep in his own bed at the start is key to developing this habit early on. Having a dependable, supportive bed can help your puppy to adjust more readily to sleeping on his own as a rule. You also want to see that the materials used are of good quality and that you can throw the bed or the bed cover in the wash with ease.

What to look for when shopping for a (comfortable) dog bed

When shopping for a comfy bed for your precious pooch, here are some considerations:

  • Is there enough padding to support your pet’s small or large frame?
  • Is the bed the right size for your dog?
  • Is it made of durable materials?
  • Does it include a warranty?
  • Is it vet-approved?
  • Is it orthopedic?
  • What’s the company’s return policy?
  • Are buyers raving about it online?
  • Is it Canadian-based?
  • Does it have a removable cover for easy cleaning?
  • Is it machine washable?

Examples of dog beds for Canadian pet owners 

Cloud pillow peonies trio

BeOneBreed has cloud pillow dog beds with 100% memory foam filling and an ultra-soft removable cover for easy cleaning. Just throw in the wash! These dog beds are perfect for growing pups, or elderly pets, as the bed reduces pressure on hips and joints. You can also add a water-resistant cover to repel liquids. Think orthopedic quality without the high pricetag. 

Another customer favorite is our snuggle dog bed. These beds are made with memory foam also. They’re roomy and calming as the soft sides create a cocooning effect. The large snuggle dog beds are of orthopedic quality and vet-approved: Great for growing pups and elderly pets alike! Our snuggle dog beds come in a range of neutral colors and pair nicely with a contemporary home design


BeOneBreed diamond dog beds redistribute the weight of your furry pal on the entire cushion to reduce pressure on the hips and joints. These dog beds are made with human-grade memory foam, are orthopedic, and have an ultra-soft removable cover. 

Nature bed car adventure

Or, if you’re looking for a comfortable dog bed to take with you on camping trips and other outdoor adventures, then check out BeOneBreed’s nature dog bed. These dog beds are easy to clean and are machine washable. Just roll them up, fit them in the back of your vehicle–and away you go! There’s also a handy shoulder strap for easy transport. Don’t forget your pooch!

For smaller dogs who enjoy curling up, why not try our pet cuddler or pet basket. The shape of our calming “pet cuddler” dog bed is round and has elevated sides so that the dog feels like she’s in a cocoon. Soft, cozy, and with a contemporary design to match your stylish decor. Although small, our BeOneBreed pet basket is spacious for a smaller breed of dog who likes to move around and feel secure, not cramped. These pet baskets will match a contemporary decor or a more rustic one for summers at the cottage. 


What if your dog still doesn’t sleep in the new dog bed?              

owner and dog in the bed

If after buying an ultra-comfy, durable dog bed your dog still doesn’t sink into his new digs with ease, then it might take some other tricks up your sleeve!

Just as you use treats for positive reinforcement in other situations, so you may need to give your dog a delicious reward once he climbs into his new dog bed. Once you coax your dog into his new dog bed, then use whatever command you typically use to get your dog to settle, such as “settle down.” 


Have your dog maintain a settled position for at least a few seconds before you give him a reward. In time you can work up to having him settle for a few minutes before presenting him with a treat. For a puppy, put some small treats on the dog bed for her to lap up. 

Once you have your comfy dog bed ready for your dog to get accustomed to, then the rest is up to your patience–and your stash of treats.

dog in cloud pillow greenery

All our dog beds are designed in Quebec, Canada, and our patterns are BeOneBreed originals and made with human-grade materials (i.e., memory foam, micro-velvet and Oxford fabrics). Our beds and/or covers are machine washable and we sell spare stylish covers for our popular cloud pillow. Changing the cover increases the bed’s lifespan (i.e., durability) and also adds fun and freshness to your home. 

Some features of our dog beds that set us apart:

  • Memory foam dog beds
  • Removable covers (most beds have zippered covers for easy cleaning)
  • Spare covers with seasonal patterns (cloud pillow only)
  • Machine washable
  • Protective liners for cloud pillow (sold separately)
  • All our dog products bear the mark of our brand that stands for durable, stylish, Canadian-designed, and passion–for our pets!

Why buy from a Canadian-made company?

There are several online stores that sell dog beds, and it’s hard to know what you’re getting. Especially since you can’t reach into your computer or phone with your dog and have your pet test it out. 

dog lying on snuggle bed

We may be biased, but we believe that buying locally designed products for your pet counts for something. BeOneBreed gives you the assurance that the piece was designed by actual professional designers who are also pet owners, and passionate about providing the best quality products for pets. 

BeOneBreed is a Quebec-based company that designs pet products for optimal comfort, wellbeing and fun. When you buy from a big pet store or department store it’s hard to know who designed your dog bed and whether they actually test them on dogs to make sure they’re comfortable and will support your furry friend–big or small and young or old. As local designers, we do this all the time. And because we’re a cohesive and caring team, we take that extra care to get it right.

We offer our customers a 30-day warranty on all our beds (i.e., through normal wear and tear, not pet chewing), an online secure and fast purchase, and our products come in a range of designer colors and styles. A proudly Canadian company, we’re passionate about our pets–and yours, too! Take a closer look at our BeOneBreed dog beds on our website. Have a question about a product of interest? Contact us for more information.
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