With our hectic life style, it is nice to bring your dog everywhere with you in a pet carrier. The cages are outdated and we all want a bag who looks like a purse. Here are my tips to prevent your dog from becoming a fashion accessory.

The pet carrier is the best option

– When you go to the vet with your puppy that haven’t receive any vaccination, the pet carrier will protected your puppy from potential viruses and parasites.

– If your dog is old and has difficulty moving, but he likes to take the fresh air, the pet carrier will be the solution to be outside.

– If you must use public transport, car or even plane, your dog will be very comfortable.

How to choose the perfect pe carrier for your small dog

– Take time to observe the quality of the seams and the weight recommendation.

– It is strongly recommended that the pet carrier as a window or an opening so that your dog can see outside. Note that if the opening does not close, the bag should offer a clip inside to attach your dog there.

– Take time to carry the bag on your shoulder. Know that the “look” of the bag is important, but it must be adapted to your movements and your body to prevent your dog to feels suffocated.

– Check the thickness of the bag to make sure it won’t be to warm for your dog. Avoid dark colors like black if you walk often in the sun.

– The bottom of the bag is very important to balance your little dog, it should be thick hard, flexible, but never soft.

How to introduce a pet carriers to your puppy or your dog?

  1. Let the pet carrier accessible for your dog to go by himself.
  2. Do not hesitate to put treats, a bone or even his favorite blanket in the bag to help associate the space positively.
  3. Find a word or a short phrase that you will use when you want your dog to get in or out of the pet carrier.
  4. To get your dog use to the pet carrier, made several small short trips.
  5. Always let your dog out of his carrier by himself.

Special note

A common mistake is to let people approach your dog when he or she is in the carrier because during a social interaction, your dog must always have the possibility to feel free to go away. The carrier does not give him this possibility. If you want your dog to socialise just let it get out of the carrier.

Finally, take advantage of spring to bring your dog everywhere with you. Don’t forget to let him play in the grass. Happy spring!

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