Hands-Free Leashes: Are They Right for You and Your Dog

Hands-Free Leashes: Are They Right for You and Your Dog

If you're pondering the use of a hands-free dog leash, you're in the right spot! Hands-free leashes, often worn as belts, offer you the freedom to walk your furry friend without the hassle of holding onto a traditional leash. But you might be wondering if this innovative approach is suitable for you and your pup.

In this article, we'll delve into the advantages and drawbacks of hands-free dog leashes, offer valuable tips for transitioning to hands-free walks, and introduce you to some leash options that can enhance the walking experience for both you and your four-legged companion!

Pros and Cons of Hands-free Leashes

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Here are the various benefits to using hands-free leashes:

  1. Freedom of Movement: Enjoy the freedom to use both of your hands for various tasks, from rewarding your pet to carrying bags or pushing a stroller.

  2. Physical Activity: Hands-free leashes are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts engaging in *activities like hiking, biking, jogging, or cani-cross (running with your dog). With both hands available, you can maintain balance and multitask, while your dog enjoys healthy exercise by your side. 

*During these activities, it's advisable to use a harness and a leash with an elastic component to reduce shock absorption and sudden movements, preventing pulls and interruptions in activities. This also helps prevent injuries to both you and your dog’s waist and back.

3. Enhanced Walking Experience: Hands-free leashes promote a more relaxed walking experience by teaching your dog to walk without leash tension at your side.

4. Full-Body Control: Harness the power of your entire body, not just your arms, to manage your dog's movements. This approach reduces the risk of hand or shoulder discomfort and offers multiple advantages.

5. Secure Grip: Hands-free leashes stay securely attached, eliminating the risk of the leash slipping out of your hands and ensuring your dog's safety.

6. Convenience: Many hands-free leash designs feature the flexibility to effortlessly attach your dog to a tree or post when necessary. However, always avoid leaving your dog unattended for its safety.

7. Treat Pouch Attachment: Easily attach a treat pouch to the belt for quick access to rewards during training sessions. Some leash and belt combinations even include a treat pouch, providing added convenience!



Less Control: You may have less control over the dog, as the hands-free lead can pull in various directions. Here are circumstances where the hands-free leash may not be suited for you:

  • Larger Breeds and Pullers: Large dog breeds with a "hunting instinct" or dogs that pull a lot, may cause you to stumble or fall if they give you too strong pull.You should consider your dog’s strength and pulling tendencies, to determine if the hands-free leash is ideal.
  • Newly Trained Dogs: At the beginning of a dog's training, it may be preferable to use a regular leash to teach basic walking skills and have easier control over their movements.

Additionally, it is advisable to keep one hand on the leash even with hands-free models for better guidance and control. This approach also facilitates rewarding your dog during training sessions and ensures that larger dogs don't accidentally slip away.


7 Tips for Transitioning to a Hands-Free Leash

dogs wearing hands-free leash

Transitioning from a traditional leash to a hands-free one can be smooth with a few simple adjustments.

  1. Start Slow: Begin in a familiar environment like your backyard.
  2. Short Walks: Gradually introduce the hands-free leash during short walks.
  3. Focus on Commands: Reinforce basic commands like "heel" and "stay."
  4. Maintain Control: Ensure you have proper control and correct any pulling.
  5. Be Patient: Transitioning may take time, so be patient with your pup.
  6. Reward Good Behavior: Use treats and praise to encourage desired behavior.
  7. Practice Makes Perfect: With practice, you'll both enjoy hands-free walks.

Finding the Best Leash For You

  1. Best Multifunction Hands-Free Leash
  2. Best Hands-free Belt and Leash Combo for Storage
  3. Best Hands-Free Leash for Active Dogs


1. Best Multifunction Hands-Free Leash: Silicone Dog Leash

dogs wearing normal and hands-free leash


Unsure if your dog is ready for the hands-free leash? Well, this 5’ or 6’ BeOneBreed dog leash can be used as both a normal and hands-free leash

Discover comfort and versatility with our Silicone Leash, featuring a cushy handle and a unique buckle for easy adjustment or crossbody wear—a 2-in-1 solution.

The 5' and 6' versions include a discreet second traffic handle for added control. With various patterns and colors, you can match your style.

Crafted from silicone-coated nylon, it's odor-resistant, easy to clean, water-resistant, and completely odorless, making it ideal for any adventure. Plus, it doubles as both a standard and hands-free leash, offering flexibility to suit your dog's needs.


2. Best Hands-free Belt and Leash Combo for Storage: Neoprene Utility Belt + Nylon Utility Leash

dog on a couch with hands-free leash

Elevate your walking experience with our Neoprene Utility Belt and Nylon Utility Leash combo. This dynamic duo combines convenience, comfort, and style in one sleek package.

Our adjustable padded waist belt features two removable neoprene pouches equipped with zippers. There's a spacious pouch for treats and personal items like keys and your phone, along with a smaller pouch complete with a poop bag dispenser.

The leash, crafted from durable nylon, boasts a comfortable padded handle and an adjustable traffic handle for moments when keeping your dog close is paramount. With its adjustable length (3-5'), it provides flexibility. Plus, the leash features two locking clasps for double control if desired.

Explore our trendy color options to match your style.


3. Best Hands-Free Leash for Active Dogs: Dog Running Belt and Leash

Experience the ultimate companion for your runs with our Dog Running Belt and Leash combo. Designed with runners in mind, this combination offers a seamless blend of comfort, control, and safety.

The adjustable belt, spanning from 30" to 55", ensures a snug fit, allowing you to maintain your pace effortlessly. Our stretchy shock-absorbing elastic leash, extending from 4' to 5', comes equipped with dual handles, providing runners with enhanced control during high-intensity workouts.

For added safety during those early morning or late-night jogs, fluorescent strips adorn both the belt and leash, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions. Meanwhile, a removable treat pouch offers the perfect place to stash keys, treats, and other essentials without hampering your stride.

This combo is ideal for dogs weighing up to 40 kg, ensuring a secure and enjoyable outing for you and your furry companion.

Why buy from a Canadian-made company?

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In the vast world of online pet products, the quest for the perfect dog leash can often be overwhelming, leaving you uncertain about what you'll receive. This is precisely where the appeal of locally crafted pet solutions comes into play. At BeOneBreed, we proudly embrace our Canadian heritage, offering meticulously designed pet products born from the passion of devoted pet enthusiasts.

Our commitment revolves around crafting pet products that prioritize comfort, well-being, and boundless enjoyment. Unlike large-scale pet conglomerates, we are dedicated to the finer details, ensuring exceptional quality in each and every item we offer. Moreover, with a generous 30-day warranty covering many of our products, we offer a secure and hassle-free online shopping experience you can count on.

As a proudly Canadian company, our hearts beat in sync with the joy of our pets. Explore our wide range of BeOneBreed dog leashes and other pet products, meticulously designed to cater to both your canine and feline companions, all available on our website. Should you seek further information or have any queries, our virtual doors are always open. Join us in the quest to provide nothing but the best for your cherished furry friends.

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