We all want the best for our dog and a memory foam bed is now a must at home. Here are my tips to choose and keep it a long time.

Why a memory foam bed?

The memory foam bed has many advantages for all types of dogs. It is relaxing and great for helping your dog to recover. Memory foam is designed to regain its original shape after each use.

– For big dogs that can feel discomfort in the joints because of their fast growth.

– For puppies or dogs who recovering from surgery.

– For dogs with joint problems and special needs.

– For dogs that arrive at a geriatric life stage.

How to choose the perfect size bed?

It is important to always take a bed that is perfectly adapt to the size of your dog. If the bed is too small, the dog will not feel comfortable because it will not extend properly and he will go sleep somewhere else. If the bed is too big, your dog could feel less safe. Memory foam adapts to the shape and position of your favorite pet so that the pressure on the bed is uniform.

Where to place the bed in the house to maximize the comfort of your dog?

The bed of your dog should always be in a room that inhabited by all. If the bed is too isolated from you, your dog will not be interested by it. The memory foam bed is non-skid. This allows you to place it on any type of floor and allow your dog to feel more secure.

What if you have a dog that does not like the bed or worse prefer to destroy it?

Here are some tips to encourage your dog to not destroy the bed and want to rest on it.

– At the beginning, introduce the bed under full supervision and only when your dog is calm and relaxed state.

– Provide stimulating activities like a chew toy or food on the cushion of your dog.

– If your dog loves his cuddles sessions, sit next to the bed and encourage him to sleep in exchange of a caress.

– Educate your dog to go on his bed on your request. Simply drop food or a treat on his pillow whenever there lays a paw. Repeat the previous step until your dog is completely on her cushion. Quickly, your dog will understand that the bed brings rewards and by itself, he will remain more longer. Continue to reward him by your attention and gradually stop give him food and treats.

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