What’s more unpleasant than choosing a beautiful bed and seeing the dog lie down on the hard and cold floor instead? Here are all the important aspects to look at to find the perfect bed that will make him change his mind.

The height

The bed size should not only satisfy the dimensions of your room. It is important to ensure that your dog’s body finds enough space and the reverse is also true, too much space could be disturbing for your little dog.

The shape

The shape of the bed is just as important as the size. Like humans, dogs have preferences when it comes to sleeping position. If your dog likes to curl up in a ball when he sleeps, a softer bed that mold his body is a great choice. If your dog likes to stretch out to sleep, choose a fairly long and firm bed. Eventually, if your dog likes to have his head supported, choose a bed with a contour or with the ability to rest his head on an edge.

The materials

The quality of the materials will prevent deformation. Do not forget, if the bed’s comfort changes with time, your dog will be less interested to relax on it. It is better to invest in a good quality bed that will be useful for a few years. This is especially true if you have a shy or fearful dog who is more comfortable when there are not too many changes. Also true for dogs with articulation problems who could create an aversion to the bed if they do not feel that their body and movements are supported.

The texture

A bed should always have a soft texture on top and an anti-skid bottom, especially if the bed is on a slippery surface. Also, for the very cozy dogs, you can add a cozy blanket to let them create their comfort.

Clean it

It should always be simple to clean your dog’s bed. The washer and dryer are very handy to keep the bed fresh, but it must remain nice for the olfactory sense of your dog. I recommend using baby products or other fragrance-free products.

Location and quantity

It is obvious that if the bed is far from you, your dog will not want to rest on it. This is why it is essential to move the bed closer to you or simply add beds in some areas of the house to allow your dog to choose his resting spot.

In conclusion, to avoid mistakes, why not bring your dog with you to “try” the beds before you buy one as we would with a mattress? So you can find the suitable bed for your canine companion.

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