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A Complete Buyers’ Guide to Dog Collars and Leashes

So you've got a new dog or puppy and you need to buy a dog collar or dog leash that fits your dog’s breed and personality. Or maybe you’ve had your furry buddy for a while but the current leash or collar just doesn’t measure up.

Given that there are many collars and leashes on the market, it's not easy to pick one that is the perfect fit—literally—for your dog, and that is also durable, comfortable and stylish.

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First-off, let’s establish the difference between a collar, a leash, and a harness. Our Canadian dog collars and leashes are made with the love of our pets in mind.

What’s a collar, a leash, and a harness?

A dog collar is what goes around your dog’s neck. It’s what your leash attaches to and contains important details about your dog such as ID tags and important medical information.

A dog leash, sometimes referred to as a dog’s “lifeline”, is the cord or line that goes between you and the dog. A dog leash keeps your beloved pooch safe and free from accidentally running out into traffic or getting lost in the woods. You can attach a leash, either to a dog collar, or to a harness.

A dog harness attaches around your dog’s torso and has straps that you can adjust for size and comfort. A harness makes it easier for you to guide your dog in the direction you wish to go–not in the direction he wishes to go! A dog harness lessens tension on the neck and also allows you to lift or hold your dog.



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Examples of dog collars for Canadian pet owners

Silicone dog collars are typically adjustable, water resistant and easy to clean. Our BeOneBreed designer silicone dog collars come in a range of original and stylish prints. Nylon can irritate your dog’s neck and retain odors and moisture. Silicone remains free of unpleasant smells, and, unlike nylon collars, doesn’t cause tangles and knots (i.e., matting) on dogs with long and/or dense coats.



Examples of dog leashes for Canadian pet owners

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Silicone dog leashes are typically water resistant and easy to clean. Our BeOneBreed 5’ and 6’ silicone dog leashes are made of silicone covered nylon so they are waterproof. This means they don’t take on stinky smells and are easy to keep clean. Most have game-changing features such as a padded handle for added comfort, a dual traffic handle for more control and safety on city streets, with the possibility of hands-free walking.

Some of our dog leashes have a lockable buckle to prevent the buckle from accidentally opening. Our low-cost leashes also come in a range of original, cute, and stylish designer patterns.

Compared to a nylon dog leash, silicone is easy to clean, retains no unpleasant smells or moisture, and doesn’t cause tangles and knots on dogs with thick, dense fur.

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Running belts and leashes are ideal for walking or running with your dog. Our BeOneBreed running belts and dog leashes have a shock absorbent expandable bungee leash and include a comfy adjustable belt, removable pouch, and dual handles for optimal control.





Examples of harnesses for Canadian pet owners

There are several different kinds of dog harnesses. Here are some basic ones that

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you’ll often see online:

  • Back-clip dog harness is versatile and comfortable and one of the top harnesses on the market.
  • Front-clip harness is good for dogs that tend to pull or tug on their leash.
  • Dual-clip harness gives the option of attaching the leash to the front or back of your dog depending how your dog is behaving (maybe he’s having a bad-fur day!).
  • Safety or comfort harness is easy to put on and take off. It’s breathable so it will keep your dog comfortable and cool during lengthy walks or outdoor activities.

The BeOneBreed comfort harness is designed using mesh material that is snug but comfy on the fur while also including reflective details for night or rainy weather walking. Our comfort harness has two attachment points for secure control and is available in five adjustable sizes.

All our dog products bear the mark of our brand that stands for durable, stylish, Canadian-designed, and passion–for our pets!

What questions to ask when comparing brands:

  • Is it made of durable materials?
  • Does it include a warranty?
  • What’s the company’s return policy?
  • Are buyers raving about it online?
  • Is it Canadian-based?
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Why buy from a Canadian-made company?

There are several online stores that sell dog collars, leashes and harnesses, and it’s hard to know what you’re getting, especially since you can’t reach into your computer or phone with your dog and have your pet try it on.

We may be biased, but we believe that buying locally designed products for your pet counts for something. BeOneBreed gives you the assurance that the piece was designed by actual professional designers who are also pet owners, and passionate about providing the best quality products for pets.

BeOneBreed is a Quebec-based company that designs pet products for optimal comfort, wellbeing and fun. When you buy from a big pet store or department store it’s hard to know who designed your dog collar, dog leash or dog harness and whether they actually test them on dogs to make sure they fit properly and are comfortable. As local designers and manufacturers, we do this all the time. And because we’re a cohesive and caring team, we take that extra care to get it right.

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We offer our customers an online secure and fast purchase, and our products come in a range of designer colours and styles. A proudly Canadian company, we’re passionate about our pets–and yours, too! Take a closer look at our BeOneBreed dog collars, dog leashes and dog harnesses on our website. Have a question about a product of interest? Contact us for more information.

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