To make sure to offer a scratcher that meets the needs of the cat, BeOneBreed has called on its collaborator and specialist in feline behavior, Daniel Filion the CatEducator, for usage tips. He explains the rules to be respected for the use of a scratching post and why the prism scratcher meets the needs of the cat.

"When it comes to scratchers, there are four factors in feline behavior that are important. Each of these factors has been closely followed in the design of BeOneBreed’s prism scratcher.

1 - The solidity: Many scratching posts are not used by cats because they are not strong enough and fall as soon as the cat puts its paws on it. That's why a cat will prefer the corner of the couch, stable and solid. As it is fixed to the wall, the prism scratcher automatically meets this criterion.

2 - The location: The cat scratches in very specific places that are often the entrances of rooms or near its sleeping spots. Have you ever noticed that it is never the corner of the couch in the back of the living room that is used as a scratching post by the cat? That it is more often the corner at the entrance of the room? Many cats will also scratch door frames, the very definition of "entrance to territory". That's why a scratcher placed in the back of the living room is only rarely used.

As the prism scratcher can be fixed on a wall, it can easily be installed on the wall of the entrance of the living room or the room where the cat tends to want to scratch. In the vast majority of cases, cats will have favorite scratching spots. We must therefore respect their preferences and place them where they want. Wanting to position scratching posts elsewhere, simply for the sake of aesthetics or design would be useless for the cat for whom the location of his scratching posts is one of the most important factors.

3 - The height: We know that the cat also scratches to maintain the elasticity of his spine. This is why it is not uncommon to see the cat stretch out arching his back when he scratches. The height of the scratching post is very important. It is therefore necessary to respect the indications on the prism scratch box which indicates that the recommended minimum height is 38cm, that the principal prisms should be at 89cm and that beyond 140cm, this does not matter anymore. Note, however, that you need to consider the size of your cat. For example, if you have a larger-than-average breed of cat such as Maine Coon or Savannah, you will need to increase the height slightly.

4 - The material: This point is the least important of the four and it requires a little experimentation. Each cat has his preferences. The majority of cats seem to be particularly fond of sisal as a scratching material, but since it is a matter of preference, you often have to experiment with carpet and cardboard to see what your cat prefers. Cats will often adopt the material on which they scratched for the first time as kittens, but then again this is only an observation without any scientific support. Here, the only way to know is to try. That's why the prism scratcher is offered in the three textures.
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