In this blog, we will redo the exercise of carrying you in the skin of a cat the time of an article to better understand his behaviors. Without making the anthropomorphic error of thinking we know what a cat really thinks (to associate human feelings to animals). So the goal of this article is simply to use a fun way to communicate knowledge about feline behavior. Ready? Let’s go!


Darn! Him again! My new owner’s boyfriend has come back. Two days have passed since I last saw him and I was hoping that he would never come back. Unfortunately, not only is he here, but he has a bag filled with clothes, which means he will stay more than a day. Since he is in her life, my slave …. oops … I mean my owner, does not look like herself anymore. Sometimes she comes back home late or not at all and she has changed her behavior. When he comes home, it’s even worse. I cannot even sleep on the bed with her, because there is no more place for me.

All these changes in my routine are beginning to play seriously with my anxiety and it’s quickly getting worst. WHAT? What is he doing? As if it wasn’t enough, the new boyfriend decided to watch TV sitting in my chair. Yes, mine! The one on which I always make my 4th cat nap… or is it rather the 5th? This is too much for me which means that I have just exceeded my tolerance to anxiety. There are too many changes at the same time that I’m no longer able to handle it…

As this guy appeared at the same time as all these changes, it’s easy to say it’s his fault! I cannot even stand his odour. Maybe I cannot make the guy disappear, but I can most certainly make his odour disappear. As my level of anxiety is very high, my bladder is affected. For cats, this is often a consequence to stress. So why not relieve myself on the boyfriend’s shoes and thus, to eliminate his stressful odour? Why not take advantage of it and do the same on his side of the bed. Since he sweats a lot, his smell is very present.

Oh oh! My owner just noticed it. She does not seem very happy with my initiative … Well, she takes me in her arms, brings me on the bed and sticks my nose in my urine. Heaven… that is so unpleasant. Not only do I have no idea why she did this, but it also adds to my anxiety and, as a result, will cause me more anxiety. We’re going round and round here …

Oops! He just saw the little damage in his shoes! But what does he say? He just accused me of doing that because I was jealous of him! Absolutely not, champion! It’s not like that! Anyway, cats do not know what are jealousy and vengeance. These are emotions that are far too complex that would require us to judge others, to determine their intentions and to compare us to them. I do not want my owner for myself, because cats are solitary hunters and the possession of an individual is not part of our way of operating.

There is a much simpler explanation: the arrival of the new boyfriend coincides with several changes of routine and territory which are very stressful to me. That’s all.

But wait! The guy just mentioned the name of the CatEducator …. WHAT??? This guy knows the CatEducator … he’s his best friend in addition? Seriously? What is he waiting to call him? He finally did it. All cats love the CatEducator (the advantage of being the author of this article is that I have the right to make you say what I want when I carry you in the skin of a cat … :). Since we’re speaking of emotions, let’s talk about the subject of love. When you say you “love”, you have to agree that cats do not “love” like in the human sense of the word. If your definition of the word love is that you love your spouse because it brings you either happiness, security or cuddles then yes, cats are able to love. Humans have the ability to put their spouses’ interests ahead of theirs, cats are unable of doing that. In the end, what does it really change? If each party finds his account, that’s what is important, right?

With my ultra-developed sense of hearing, I heard that the CatEducator gives very good tips over the phone to the new lover: play with me, feed me and give me treats more often. This could mean that instead of seeing this guy as a source of anxiety and upheaval, he could become a source of fun and activities. The majority of guys know that if they win the cat’s affection, they win the girl! You can be sure that your owner will have no trouble to convince him to do all this for you!

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