Most people say that if their cat ask to go outside is because they like it. Not necessarily ! It can be dangerous for your cat to go outside. Ask yourself the question and consider the psychological and physical risks associated with it.

To be happy a cat must have an environment that allows it to fulfill most of its needs. But what happen when the environment does not allow him to do so? Well, the cat will be very creative and find ways to meet its needs by itself. So you have to understand that if you keep your cat indoors, you must know his different needs and give him tools to be happy.

It would be easy to conclude that it is better for a cat to go outside, so that he can be exposed to different situations that would allow it to meet is needs (less time and effort for the master). Be outside also represente dangers and significant stress for cats that can create damage. Let’s see what these factors are.

One third of cats living in apartments don’t get enough exercises in a day. Nearly a quarter of cats have behavioral problems related to there environment. However, be aware that by doing some modifications in your home : an environment with little height, cat trees, interactive bowls, games and playing with him (two or three times a day, 10 minutes), will for most cats (not all) manage to fulfill their needs.

If you live in the country and your cat is going outside, that  does not present many risks apart from getting hit by a car or being attack by a predator. But it’s a different story in the city and suburbs mainly because of cat overpopulation.

When a cat goes outside, it is mainly because his instinct command him to protect his territory. But he never knows what to expect. Does the neighbour pulled out his cat also and they meet at the border of its territory? Will there be a new cat in the neighborhood? And do not forget the  stray cats. Therefore, unpredictable encounters are frequent and many fight can happen. So fight equal stress. That’s why many cats will seek to go outside, but as soon as they are out, they want to enter … and stood … and enter, etc. This also explains why the cats go outside less in the winter. This is not just because it’s cold but because there is less need to protect there territory.

Let’s remember that in town, the dangers and stress imposed by the cat overpopulation and the environment are enormous even if your cat seems happy to go outside. More a cat gets old, it becomes more difficult to change his routine to become an indoor cat.

Finally, remember that every cat is different and that a minority of cats will have difficulty living a life inside only.

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