You want to trap a cat? No need to have a trapping cage or a net. Simply place an empty box in the middle of a room and ‘’hop’’, a few minutes later, a cat will go inside. The love cats have for any empty boxes is universal. Just browse internet videos for proof. What makes this cardboard box attractive for your cat? Well, the answer to this question also allows us to understand what we should look when we buy baskets, cushions and cat trees for our indoor cats.

As we know, the cat is a ambush master. When he is hunting, he hides somewhere and when his prey is not expecting it, he jumps. That’s why the cat loves to see without being seen. The box perfectly meets the cat’s best place to hide. He can hide there, but also be able to pounce from any side. Also it is the ideal place to be able to retreat from a dangerous situation or simply to avoid confrontation. From his box, he can see the dangers ahead and get out quickly if is cover is made.

Another theory goes back in time when cats were kittens. Surely you have seen kittens stacked one above the other to drink from their mother’s belly. This is the perfect time for a kitten. Warm, wrapped between siblings, he feeds by pushing his front paws on his mother’s belly to force milk to get out. He is soothed by his purring. This feeling of perfect wellbeing would be recovered later by the cat in his adult life when he will want to appease himself. That’s why your cat, with his front paws, tramples your arm, your leg or on the cushion of the couch just as you trying to relax. He sees you and thinks that it is actually a good time to try to relax as well.

That feeling of wellbeing also plays a role in the choice of the box. Have you ever noticed how the selected box is often too small for your cat? All these factors have to be consider when is time to choose a basket, a cushion or a cat tree. Having edges around 2 inches wide in the resting place is often popular with cats. The solidity is also something important. Although there are exceptions, few cats use hammocks that you can found in animal shops. Even if it looks nice, a cat might not lie down on it because he can not get out quickly enough if a danger approaches.

Finally, the place where you put the box or your new purchase is very important. Height is primordial for cats to be able to monitor their environment. Otherwise, a place that allows him to have an overview of the territory and several possibilities of exit will be favored. That’s why many cats do a small 360 before settling. He will capture the entire territory. This is also the reason why a cat prefers to put his back facing a wall and not at the center of the room.

In terms of texture, it depends on everyone’s preference, that may change through the seasons. During heat wave, the coldness of the tile in the bathroom will be more popular while the warmth of a cushion near the fireplace in the winter will be much appreciated. Feel free to change the cushion’s or unused basket’s place for over a week. You will surely see your cat trying it at least once. If he does not return, try another location. You will end up by finding the type and location of “box” he prefers.

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