Cat trees, nests and accessories.

A Complete Buyer’s Guide to Cat Trees, Beds and Baskets

Cats are known for their independent natures. They’re typically fussy, aloof animals who–while they love our affection–aren’t as reliant on it as dogs are. Although this doesn’t mean that they don’t require attention and care. To maintain a good level of physical and mental health, cats need daily stimulation in the form of play, and they also require a “base camp”* to feel safe and secure. 

Your cat’s special area could be your bedroom, living room, or another corner of the house where the cat has her well-loved toys, cat tree or cat condo, calming cat bed, and also where your scent and your cat’s scent mix. Yes, cats like that sort of thing!


Examples of cat trees for Canadian pet owners 

Cat trees are typically made from materials such as carpeting, rope, paper, and particle board. Other names associated with this type of cat furniture are cat tower. Cat trees can be as simple as a scratch pole with a lookout post at the top, or as intricate as several lookout posts at varying heights with stairs, a toy dangling, and a little house or condo for an afternoon nap. The type of cat tree you decide to buy will depend on your cat’s personality and habits, your living space, and the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

cats on cat tree


At BeOneBreed we believe that good design should extend to your furry purry friends. That’s why we offer high-end modern cat towers or cat trees to fit your decor and also fit your cat’s needs as well as your budget. Designed in Quebec, our Katt3EVO cat tree collection includes cat trees from 76 centimeters (30 inches) to 2.44 meters (8 feet). Our modern cat trees are made of stylish laminate wood, and sturdy rope for scratching posts. These cat trees have no carpeting as this is a magnet for fur! And we use durable materials designed to stand up to your cat’s roughhousing.


Katt3EVO Tower

cats on tall tower

Our Katt3EVO Tower cat furniture will fit your stylish, modern decor like a glove. Our floor-to-ceiling tower measures 38.1 centimeters (15 inches) by (15 inches) by  2.44 meters (8 feet), and the wood surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect. This tower is great for cats who love to climb. Your adult cat or kitten will feel right at home perched atop one of three perches. Here they can have a nap, or watch birds or squirrels outside the window–their version of live streaming! 

This tower includes a tempting scratching post for your cat and will help protect your furniture against your cat’s sharp claws. From one of the posts is a hanging toy for your beloved purr machine to enjoy attacking when he’s on the hunt.  This cat furniture is customizable to your needs with an assortment of cat-tree add-ons.


cats playing on cat tree

 The Katt3EVO Classic measures 35.56 x 35.56 x 76.2 centimeters (14 x 14 x 30 inches) and also includes a memory foam cushion, with one felt pad and one hanging toy. This product comes in grey as well for a modern, minimalist look. This model is compact and is great for apartments and small spaces.


Cat condos are fun, mini-homes for cats or kittens to get cozy, hide, and take a nap. BeOneBreed offers its customers the deluxe Habikatt cat condo (38.1 x 38.1 x 38.1 centimeters or 15 x 15 x 15 inches) which is made of recycled plastic and is customizable. This model includes two cubes and features a jute corner scratcher and hanging feather toy.


Examples of cat beds and blankets for Canadian pet owners 

Cloud pillow cat bed

cat lying on the pillow

These cat pillows come in different patterns and colors. BeOneBreed has cloud pillow cat beds with 100% memory foam filling and an ultra-soft removable cover for easy cleaning. Just throw in the wash! These cat beds are perfect for kittens, or elderly cats, as the memory foam reduces pressure on hips and joints. Think orthopedic quality without the high price tag. We also sell a protective liner for our cloud pillow to keep the foam clean from dirt and spills. The PVC membrane of our covers repel liquids (i.e., water resistant, not waterproof). Check out the many patterns and colors to suit all cats–and cat owners! 


cat lying on bed

Snuggle cat bed

This memory foam cat bed is roomy and calming as the soft sides create a cocooning effect. BeOneBreed snuggle cat beds are made with human-grade memory foam and have an ultra-soft removable cover. Our snuggle cat beds come in a range of neutral colours and pair nicely with a contemporary home design.


Diamond cat bed

cat lying on bed

BeOneBreed diamond cat beds are made with human-grade memory foam and have an ultra-soft removable cover. These orthopedic beds at a great price are vet-approved and well-loved by both our furry and human customers.





Pet cuddler or pet basket cat beds

cat lying on pet cuddler

Pet cuddler is a small cat bed for those furry friends who enjoy their afternoon cat naps. At BeOneBreed, the shape of this calming cat bed is round and has elevated sides so that the cat feels like she’s in a cocoon. Soft, cozy, and with a contemporary design to match your stylish decor. 

Pet basket is great for cats who love cozy as the sides are raised for extra comfort. Although small, BeOneBreed pet baskets are spacious for a couple kittens or for a larger cat who likes to move around and feel secure, not cramped. These baskets will match a contemporary decor or a more rustic one for summers at the cottage. 

Cat teepees are covered cat beds for cats to nap and enjoy hiding while playing. BeOneBreed cat teepees include a built-in feather toy, a luxurious faux fur blanket–the perfect hiding spot for cats who love to play!



cat playing in the cat teepee

Everyone knows that cats love blankets. No sooner have you bought a blanket (or sweater) for yourself when Yours Truly tries to either burrow under it or curl up on top of it. BeOneBreed offers a stylish selection of cat blankets to please even the fussiest (and fluffiest) feline. Our soft fleece blankets are reversible, easy to wash and will soon become your cat’s favorite place to nap. Plump one up inside our pet basket or pet cuddler and you’re good to go!

What questions to ask when comparing brands: 

  • Is it made of durable materials?
  • Does it include a warranty?
  • Is it orthopedic?
  • What’s the company’s return policy?
  • Are buyers raving about it online?
  • Is it Canadian-based?
  • Does it have a removable cover (bed) or cushion (cat tree) for easy cleaning?
  • Is it machine washable?

All our cat trees, beds and blankets are designed in Quebec, Canada, and our patterns are BeOneBreed originals and made with human-grade materials. Our blankets and/or bed covers are machine washable and we sell spare stylish covers for our popular cloud pillow. Changing the cover increases the bed’s lifespan (i.e., durability) and also adds fun and freshness to your home. 

Some features of our cat trees and/or beds that set us apart:

  • Form and function are always top of mind
  • No ugly, smelly carpets
  • Made with natural materials (e.g., wood, jute, sisal, paper)
  • Machine washable (e.g., blankets, beds, pillows)
  • Protective liners for cloud pillow (sold separately)
  • Variety of sizes for cat trees (e.g., for apartments); larger sizes for multiple-cat households
  • Durable and easy to wipe clean (e.g., wood instead of carpet)
  • Replaceable cat scratchers (bought separately)
  • Modern designs at a reasonable price

All our cat products bear the mark of our brand that stands for durable, stylish, Canadian-designed, and passion–for our pets!

Why buy from a Canadian-made company?

There are several online stores that sell cat trees and cat beds, and it’s hard to know what you’re getting. Especially since you can’t reach into your computer or phone with your cat and have your furry friend test it out. 

We may be biased, but we believe that buying locally designed products for your pet counts for something. BeOneBreed gives you the assurance that the piece was designed by actual professional designers who are also pet owners, and passionate about providing the best quality products for pets. 

BeOneBreed is a Quebec-based company that designs pet products for optimal comfort, wellbeing and fun. When you buy from a big pet store or department store it’s hard to know who designed your cat tree or cat bed and whether they actually test them on cats to make sure they’re comfortable, fun, and will support your furry friend–young or old. As local designers and manufacturers, we do this all the time. And because we’re a cohesive and caring team, we take that extra care to get it right.

We offer our customers a 30-day warranty on all our cat trees, beds and blankets (i.e., through normal wear and tear, not pet chewing or scratching), an online secure and fast purchase, and our products come in a range of designer colors and styles. A proudly Canadian company, we’re passionate about our pets–and yours, too! Take a closer look at the BeOneBreed cat trees, beds and blankets on our website. Have a question about a product of interest? Contact us for more information.

*”Basecamp” as defined by Cat Daddy expert Jackson Galaxy is an “area of your home that is the heart of your cat's territory.”
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