Rope leash 4'

Classy gray


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  • Rope leash 4' - Classy gray - BeOneBreed
  • Rope leash 4' - Classy gray - BeOneBreed
Special features
• Clean urban look • Made with rope & vegan leather
• Padded handle • Absorbs chocs
• Ideal for small dogs • Stylish

B1B quality

Vegan leather

For woofers only

Tips and advices

Why do dogs pull on a leash?

Very simple, because they have 4 legs and you only have two! Fundamentally, your dog does not pull on a leash, but he walks faster than you. It is important to adapt your requirements, when you go out, according to the animal next to you.

Some breeds or dog sizes make pulling a second nature. Also your dog's personality can influence his tendency to pull, to smell or play with a nearby dog.

The right tools

A leash and a harness is all you need. Simplicity and versatility should be the two key words. If it's too complicated, it's not worth it.

As for the leash, it is important to adapt a length of 4 to 6 feet to allow a little space to your dog, while respecting a good distance from other people around you. A leash that can offer several possibilities such as a shoulder or waist strap and that offers a comfortable handle is ideal.