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  • IntelliKatt - BeOneBreed
  • IntelliKatt - BeOneBreed
  • IntelliKatt - BeOneBreed
Special features
• Stimulating challenge for cats • Ensures a slower feeding time
• Change the difficulty levels & let him improve • More than 500 possibilities
• Can help prevent bloating & indigestion • Helps decrease unplesant behaviors

Helps digestion

Cat club only

B1B quality

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The Intellikatt is an interactive bowl for cats that allows mental awakening and ensures a slower feeding time for your little greedy friend. This stimulating challenge helps to reduce bad behaviors by making him work his dexterity to allow him to eat his kibble. The Intellikatt also helps prevent bloating and indigestion if your cat tends to eat a little too quickly, we know the little gourmands!


Increase the difficulty level as your cat gets better using the removable parts to adjust to his learning process. More than 500 configuration possibilities!

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