Funny rope


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  • Funny rope - BeOneBreed
  • Funny rope - BeOneBreed
Special features
• Helps prevent tartar • Great for tugging
• Made with cotton & polyester • With a textured plastic ball
• BeOneBreed colors • Great for small dogs

For fun with your dog

Cotton rope

Always supervise your dog

Tips and advices

How to teach your dog “grab” and “let go”

With a dog rope, you can quickly teach him to “grab” and “let go” any object. Dogs do not like confrontation, so here’s a game!

Simply present the rope toy and as soon as he puts his mouth you can say “grab”. After a little practice, you can easily ask him to “grab” anything in his mouth. Thus, your dog will have the reflex to look at you before taking a few things for the purpose that you tell him “grab”.

Then, to teach him to “let go,” you just have to play with the rope and bring it between your legs and stop playing. Your dog will quickly find the game annoying and he will release the object. At that same time, you can say “loose” and start the tug game again to reward him.