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The campaign is now over. We are proud to announce that we have greatly exceeded our target with final funding of 815%! Thank you to our 1314 supporters for making our dream come true! Delivery is scheduled for fall 2020.

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You know it, we know it and your cat definitely knows it too: Cat trees on the market aren't adapted to real life! Stuck in the past, the standard cat trees are covered with unhygienic carpet and aren't designed with the cat's and home's needs in mind. That's where our team of designers came in! HabiKatt is our third generation of cat condos. We pulled the best features from our other designs, mixed in the feedback of real cat lovers and created a game changer in the industry! 

Most traditional carpet trees are cumbersome, smelly and end up in the basement because they clash with your décor.


You are not limited to one simple configuration create the enriching environment your cat needs. It’s up to you to choose where everything goes. You can gradually add cubes and accessories to make the HabiKatt bigger according to the number of cats and budget you have.


You won’t want to hide this one in your basement! Choose the side of the privacy panels that fits your home design best. Add more cubes or stack them up differently to take up more or less space. 


It is very important for us to minimize our product’s impact on the environment. That’s why HabiKatt was designed so that it takes up to 6x less space in a container to reduce transport and pollution.

When doing our research for our first cat tree generation, the Katt3, we stopped by a few shelters to learn more about their reality. They are working on a very limited budget, often not enough to provide fully adequate veterinary services to cats. You can imagine that accessories for cats fall far at the end of their priority list. Most of them that can afford it won’t buy any of the current carpet cat trees as they are difficult to wash and often carry diseases.

HabiKatt's plastic cubes and modular concept makes life easier for shelters. The cubes are easy to sterilize and cat fit any space. In addition, HabiKatt can be adapted to the needs of the cats using it! Our team has and will always help local shelters, but we’ve wanted to make a strong commitment with this kickstarter campaign. If we reach $1 000 000 in funding, we’re committing to give over 200 cat tree kits to shelters across North-America.


HabiKatt is the evolution of our Katt3 trendy house for cat launched in 2016. Wanting to created a new and improved cat tree, we reached over 2000 cat owners to co-design this product with us and made sure it was adapted to real life needs!


This was not easy task as cats love to fit in small spaces but do not realize their actual size. Also, we wanted the cube to be large enough to allow ninja cats to run, jump and land easily on them. After reaching out to our co-design participants and going through multiple tests, we found just the right size!

Safety is very important for us. Our designers developed a sturdy and wide structure that will allow you to reach new heights. We tested the solidity of the cubes and we are proud that our design can support a normal sized cat without breaking a sweat! 

* Picture for example purpose only. Do not sit on, step on or hang from a cube. HabiKatt is designed for cats only.


Well-known feline specialists such as Kate Benjamin from Hauspanther and Daniel Filion, the Cat Educator, have been supporting our brand for years. We are proud to work and design with them stylish innovations for your cat.

It began a few years ago when Anthony’s dog, Wink, needed an orthopedic bed for her hip problem. Pet beds on the market were flimsy and did not offer any support. Anthony decided to create his own and offer the best to his aging friend. The first BeOneBreed product was born and it quickly became Wink's favorite spot! The dream of this young creative entrepreneur became reality. Today, BeOneBreed is a team of passionate pet lovers that develops innovative and well-thought-out solutions for cats and dogs.

Have you ever felt like the pet industry is stuck in the 80's? You don't want to put a smelly old carpet cat tree in your living room anymore? We all know it would end up in the basement one way or another... Don't worry, we feel your pain and this is exactly why we exist! BeOneBreed is all about pushing boundaries and developing innovative products to improve your daily life and that of your pet.

Today, we need your support to make our new creation a reality. Crowdfunding allows us to offer the HabiKatt at the lowest price possible to early backers, help fund the development, mold cost and inventory. Thanks to you, HabiKatt will enrich the environment of cat lovers around the world!

We proved time and time again that we deliver awesome products, receiving awards around the world for products such as the Intellikatt and the Katt3.

We’ve worked hard to design it for you and especially your cat, now we need your help to pay the molding cost and let us move forward with production. Funding is the only main roadblock for a small team of innovators who want to change the industry. Help us by giving us this freedom.

Risks and challenges

As you can tell, we’ve been developing, and putting in relentless hours over the last year to make this Katt3 version revolutionize traditional cat trees. Initial research with cat specialists and industry leaders put us on the right track. We’ve had ups and downs thru the developments, prototype after prototype we we went back to drawing table to make it the best solution for you and your cat. Matter of fact, we spent so much in research and development that it’s one of the main reasons we need your help to move on to the production stage.

We are ready to press the launch button; we will start the molding process as soon as we reach our goal. You can count on us for the next steps. We are not at our first rodeo, we’ve secured a strong manufacturing facility, material, components and labor. We have a team dedicated to fix issues that may arise along the way and are not afraid of it. We’ll take it as a challenge and chance to make us better.

We know you and your cat are as exited as we are. Communication will be key; we plan to inform you with pictures and updates throughout the way. Our ultimate plan, the only surprise you will get is your cats' reaction when he receives his trendy house.

Thank you for believing and being a part in a young creative team whose dreams is to change the pet industry. HabiKatt will be the beginning of a new era of products created for your animal and designed for your lifestyle.

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Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Long-lasting design

We made the cube sturdy to last for your cats' life. We’ve chosen second life plastic because it is easy to clean and will last a long time. With good care, it will remain in good conditions.

Reusability and recyclability

If you ever need to get rid of your cat tree, please think about other cat owners or shelters that might be in need.

Sustainable materials

We’ve selected second life plastic to make our cat tree. It was also important for us to create accessories that will be easy to wash. The scratcher is made with paper not using any chemical colorant.

Environmentally friendly factories

It is a priority for us to make sure the environment is a part of our creative thinking. We’re always trying to find new ways to make a difference for our future. We wish the industry will follow these new requirements as much as they try to follow their creation pipeline.

Sustainable Distribution

It was important for us to reduce as much as possible our carbon print to get HabiKatt to you. The starting kit uses 70% and more less space than any other cat tree of the same size. Less space equal less shipment necessary.